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Watch The Inspiring Bars And Melody Anti-Bullying Rap Video


If you have not been living under a rock, then you know that there is a bullying epidemic problem around the world.  If you were bullied when you were younger, or know of someone who was bullied, or just like feel good stories, then this video is for you!  The ITV show Britain’s Got Talent out of the United Kingdom recently had two teenage boys, 15-year-old Charlie Lenehan and 13-year-old Leondre Devries with the name Bars and Melody come on to perform a song.  The two kids took Faith Evans and Twista’s “Hope,” and turned the song into their own with their own lyrics.  The rap verses reflect their feelings about bullying as one of the boys has gone through school being bullied, and music has made these two kids stronger.

Yes, these two kids did awesome on the stage, the audience cheered them on, and Simon pushed the gold button to send these two kids straight to the live shows, but something else is happening, which is great!  After watching the video above, people are becoming inspired and the duo are changing the perspectives of so many people.  Their audition is starting to help so many people and even better, some people have stopped bullying!  Check out some of these tweets!

In my opinion, this video should be required viewing to all kids!  All schools should show this video to their students.  And I hope Bars and Melody gets a great record deal, and this song is professionally recorded so more kids can hear this inspiring message!  If one song can help stop the bullying epidemic, then make it happen!  Good luck to Bars and Melody on Britain’s Got Talent, I hope they win it!

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