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Geek Alabama’s Top Summer Movies 2014


Well, the 2014 Summer movie season is here!  And yes, there are some great movies coming out this Summer.  So on this post, I am going to talk about my top Summer movies that I want to go see this Summer, and you should too!  Let’s get started with the 12 movies you should go see this Summer.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Hasbro is coming out with another Transformers movie, complete with the dinobots!  With the addition of Kelsey Grammar as the lead villain, this movie is going to pack a lot of action!  The movie comes out on June 27th.

How To Train Your Dragon 2

It has been four years since the first great movie in this franchise.  And judging by the trailers, Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless, and the rest of the dragons and humans will be fighting off enemies and finding Hiccup’s mother!  The movie comes out on June 13th.

Guardians of the Galaxy

No doubt, Marvel has put out some excellent movies!  In this new movie called Guardians of the Galaxy, which comes straight from the comic books.  A group of misfit heroes have to save the day!  The movie premieres on August 1st.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This movie has already been released, and the critics have been so-so on the sequel.  But the bad reviews did not stop the audience from going to see it.  This movie has lots of action and CGI effects.  The movie came out on May 2nd.


We all have seen Godzilla movies before, but this Godzilla movie will be darker, more terrifying, and action packed!  Godzilla is going to be huge and rock the box office this Summer.  The movie comes out on May 16th.

X-Men Days of Future Past

The seventh movie in the X-Men franchise is promising to be very good!  You will see both the old and new X-Men as they team up to save the world once again.  This is going to be one of the top movies this Summer.  The movie comes out on May 23rd.


Maleficent is going to be one of the top Disney live action movies, that is for sure!  Angelina Jolie stars as the Sleeping Beauty villain and it will feature a lot of action and special effects.  The movie comes out on May 30th.

22 Jump Street

This movie will star Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum and the pair comes back to stop another crime ring.  If you enjoyed the writing from The Lego Movie, you are going to like 22 Jump Street.  The movie comes out on June 13th.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Apparently people love going to see giant monkeys in the movie theaters.  The new movie from the Planet of the Apes franchise will be 15 years on from its predecessor and will be about a virus threatening the apes which turns into war.  The movie comes out on July 11th.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Many people are concerned about the new TMNT movie coming out in August.  Will the turtles live up to their names?  Will the turtle’s new backstory make sense?  Will Shredder be a great villain?  We will find out on August 8th!

A Million Ways To Die In The West 

This movie coming from Seth MacFarlane will be a top comedy movie this Summer.  Sure, the movie is not for the entire family and will feature many people getting killed.  But many geeks/nerds love the shows from Seth MacFarlane.  The movie comes out on May 30th.

Edge of Tomorrow

This movie starring Tom Cruise is basically a futuristic version of Groundhog Day.  And the movie will have a lot of robots, aliens, and future tech stuff!  The movie comes out on June 6th.

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