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Geek Alabama’s 2014 Alternative Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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This weekend is Mother’s Day 2014, and that means mothers from all around the world should be getting something from their children and loved ones.  For most mothers, they will be getting flowers, and you know how the flower game works.  A mother gets a bouquet of flowers, and a week later, the flowers are dead, and in the trash can.

Dead Flowers

Some mothers might also be getting a box of chocolates, breakfast in bed, or eating out for lunch/dinner, and you know, nothing is better than saying here, eat breakfast, lunch, dinner or these chocolates so you can get bigger.

Mother's Day Edible Gifts

So for 2014, I have looked around the internet and I have found some wonderful Mother’s Day gifts that your mother should cherish for a long time!  These are Mother’s Day gifts that are practical, and something mothers can be proud of!  So, here is my 14 alternative gifts for Mother’s Day 2014!

Gift Certificate To A Spa

$10.00 Gift Certificate

Women love the spa!  A gift certificate to a spa/salon would make any lady smile, and they would think about you while they are being pampered!

Tickets To A Show

Admission Tickets

How about tickets to a play, movie, or great event.  You would spend some quality time with your mother, and you would have a great time!

Give Something Homemade

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How about a homemade gift, mother’s would be proud of your creative skills!  It does not matter if you are a child or adult, homemade gifts work!

Buy A Great Plant


Since flowers don’t last long, why not buy a plant that a mother could enjoy taking care of!  The plant would remind mother’s of you and the thoughtful gift!

Donate To A Charity

Mother’s would love you if you donated money or time to a charity that they like.  It would show that you are caring!

Evernote Premium


Yes, mother’s sometimes forget to save something or write something down on the computer.  For $45 a year, mother’s can save webpages, articles, pictures, lists, or anything else they find interesting online, and they won’t forget about it!  Learn more at:

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


Many mother’s like to read.  So get them the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, so they can read and save a wide variety of books, without having a bookshelf crammed with books.  Learn more at:



Is your mother or you on Instagram, take some of your best Instagram photos, and turn them into magnets or phone cases.  Your mother would love seeing your pictures every day!  Learn more at:

Click and Grow Self Watering Planter


If your mother is busy, but loves plants, get this device that turns an average pot into a smartpot!  This smart flowerpot doses an exact amount of water, air, and fertilizer for your plant’s needs.  Learn more at:

Self Stirring Mug


If your mother loves coffee or other hot drinks, get the self stirring mug.  It’s your average mug geeked out!  Learn more at:

And get a coupon code with ThinkGeek at:

Belkin Chef Stand And Stylus


Most mother’s love to cook, so get the Belkin Chef Stand and Stylus, which allows mothers to interact with their tablet, and not get their tablet dirty with their messy hands.  Learn more at:



For mother’s with a tablet, laptop, or smartphone, get them Scribd, and they can read an unlimited amount of books for $8.99 per month.  Learn more at:

Elgato Smart Key


Yes, even mother’s loses their keys.  To prevent a panicked all out search for the keys in the morning, get the Elgato Smart Key, and you will never lose your keys again!  Learn more at:

Moxie Showerhead


Women like to be clean, so give them a great shower experience with the Moxie Showerhead, which has 60 angled nozzles, and a speaker for music!  Learn more at:

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