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Why I Will Miss Craig Ferguson As The Host Of The Late Late Show


This week, our favorite geeky/nerdy late night host Craig Ferguson announced he was stepping down as host of the Late Late Show by the end of the year.  And when the announcement was made, many people became sad.  Because Craig Ferguson has always been a great late night host, especially with the people who are tech savvy.  You see, the Late Late Show has a talking robot, a dancing horse, puppets, a TARDIS on the desk, fake fireplace, awkward pauses, a rattlesnake mug, and those trips to Europe.  And after December comes and goes, and Craig is off CBS for good, it’s going to be a dull moment for late night.

Since 2005, Craig Ferguson has built his show into something that is cool to watch!  His show featured a more edgy type of comedy that you might only find on HBO or on cable.  I felted liked Craig Ferguson deserved a better time slot on CBS or another network, and after David Letterman announced his retirement, I thought Craig Ferguson was going to replace David, but that did not happen.  CBS quickly named Stephen Colbert as the new host of The Late Show, and Craig was left out in the cold.  So I don’t blame Craig Ferguson for deciding to leave his show at the end of the year.  But, I wonder what would happen if Craig would have gotten The Late Show, I thought he would have rocked it!

Craig Ferguson operates his show very different from the other traditional late night shows.  Sure, there is the monologue, guest interviews, music performances, and special segments.  But Craig always mixes up his segments!  Sometimes, you see puppets talking, a robot delivering some interesting comedy, a person in a horse costume dancing around, Craig and a guest sitting there silent, and yes, having Craig give us a lesson at the end of each show about what we learned.  Craig made the announcement that he was leaving his show long before Letterman announced his retirement, but I wished he decided to stay.

So, when Craig Ferguson leaves The Late Late Show, I will miss Geoff Peterson the robot skeleton.

I will miss Secretariat the costumed horse.

I will miss those puppets.

I will miss those weird and funny awkward pauses.

And I will miss Craig asking us, “what did we learn on the show today?”

Thankfully, Craig Ferguson will still be on TV after he leaves The Late Late Show!  Ferguson’s production company is making shows for the Discovery Channel.  The I F***ing Love Science series from Ferguson is coming to TV on the Science Channel.  And Craig Ferguson is going to host the game show Celebrity Name Game coming later this year!  But, late night TV is not going to be the same when Craig Ferguson leaves late night forever.  I hate to see Craig Ferguson and his unique characters leave TV, but I hope CBS will choose someone who is not a white male to takeover for Craig Ferguson, CBS, make that happen!

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