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The Evening Post: Hey, Republicans Who Supported This President: Are We Great Again Yet?

This is must watch!  The Late Show With Stephen Colbert had a live monologue on the night of the US Capital Riots.  And Stephen Colbert brought it!  Watch below! Click to rate […]

Animation Monday: Election Knight Rises – Stephen Colbert’s Election Night Special

This comes from The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and it’s really good!  In Election Knight Rises, when the Clown POTUS of Crime declares victory on election night, a Septuagenarian Knight rises […]

Music Thursdays: LSSC Nursery Rhymes Presents: Under The Bus

Man, this mess going on with the USA President is crazy.  And The Late Show with Stephen Colbert took advantage of this making a parody nursery rhyme video where several people were […]

The Evening Post: Pete Alonso & Stephen Colbert Hit Things Real Good

This seems very therapeutic!  Pete Alonso and Stephen Colbert set up a small batting cage on a New York City sidewalk.  It first was hitting baseballs, but morphed into hitting Lego’s, pumpkins, […]

Animation Monday: A Very Special Counsel Christmas

  I took the past few days off to refresh, and I am back!  We still have a few more Christmas related posts coming this week!  Below is a special cartoon made […]

Watch Deadpool Tell Jokes And Get Turned To Dust On The Late Show

Deadpool 2 comes out on Friday, and that means Ryan Reynolds is out marketing the film while wearing the Deadpool suit.  Last night, Deadpool went onto The Late Show with Stephen Colbert […]

The Real Stephen Colbert Came Back; Will It Last

Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, we got to see the classic Stephen Colbert who portrayed a character on the classic Comedy Central show The Colbert Report.  On the […]

Watch Stephen Colbert Host A Public Access TV Show And Interview Eminem

Yep I am not making this one up!  Stephen Colbert who will be hosting the Late Show on CBS this Fall went up to Monroe, Michigan and hosted a public access TV […]

Enjoy This YouTube Rewind Recap Called Turn Down For 2014

It’s that time of the year again, time for a new YouTube Rewind video!  This year’s video is called Turn Down For 2014, a parody of the song “Turn Down For What.” […]

Why I Will Miss Craig Ferguson As The Host Of The Late Late Show

This week, our favorite geeky/nerdy late night host Craig Ferguson announced he was stepping down as host of the Late Late Show by the end of the year.  And when the announcement […]

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