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Geek Alabama’s Top Animal YouTube Channels

There’s one thing I love watching on YouTube.  I love to see creative video makers make videos featuring our furry friends.  So I have come up with my five top YouTube Channels that feature animals.  And these channels I am currently subscribed too!  So here are my top 5 YouTube animal channels!

Gone to the Snow Dogs

What’s not to love seeing Siberian Huskies in their lives!  Jessica Hatch does three videos a week featuring Shelby, Memphis, Oakley, and Angel Shiloh.  And yes these videos are very creative!  The channel recently won the YouTube On the Rise Contest.  So this channel will be loved my many more to come!

Mishka the Talking Husky, Laika, Moki

These three dogs have garnered millions of fans across the country.  The Gardeas have done an awesome job profiling the dog’s lives on YouTube.  Mishka has been seen over 300 million times on YouTube.  And the Laika and Moki channels have also been seen millions of times on YouTube as well.  Sadly, Moki has passed away, but you still see new videos featuring the other two dogs.

The Pet Collective

This channel on YouTube has a video every day!  And each day you see different animals in many different situations.  This channel will also feature other lesser known pets such as snakes, hamsters, and other pets!  No matter what type of pet you own; you have to love this channel!

Brock the Boxer

This boxer has been gaining many new fans on YouTube.  Brock’s videos have over a million views on YouTube and his adventures are awesome to watch!  I like this channel because dogs like Brock have been getting a bad rap.  These dogs are not dangerous if trained properly!

Disney Pets & Animals

Want to know how I have subscribed to the channels above?  Easy; Disney has a YouTube channel that focuses on pets and animals.  And they put out the best animal videos from the various channels on YouTube.  If you want to find out who to subscribe too click on the link:  Here is one great video featuring Mishka the Talking Husky and Moki.

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