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Good News Fridays: Four Cute Animal Videos To End The Week

Geek Alabama Good News Fridays

How about a couple of great animal videos to end your week?  Cool!  This first video from the YouTube channel BBC Earth features a very good topic.  Did you know that your dog senses things, like knowing they are about to go for a walk.  And dogs can also smell cancer, that’s right, cancer!  Dogs have a sixth sense and they can sense some things that us humans can’t.

The second video from the YouTube channel OVC PetTrust features a great music video featuring singing dogs and a smart cat. They are helping to fight pet cancer and wants you to donate to the Ontario Veterinary College.

This third video from the YouTube channel Big Cat Rescue features an interesting question.  Do wild cats enjoy playing with toilet paper like house cats do?  Watch the video and find out the answer!

This last video from the YouTube channel Adam Cox features a gentleman in Japan who has come up with a very creative way to take his older dog around town.  The dog is 16 years old and the owner uses a bucket with wheels to take his dog around, awesome video!

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