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Enjoy The Great Space Cat Hob Short Film

Looking for something to watch on this Sunday afternoon, I found a cool Vimeo video from the channel liok.  The video is an independent project done without money, on their spare time and took […]

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Good News Fridays: Four Cute Animal Videos To End The Week

How about a couple of great animal videos to end your week?  Cool!  This first video from the YouTube channel BBC Earth features a very good topic.  Did you know that your dog senses […]

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Animation Monday: PBS Kids Peg + Cat

PBS Kids is wanting to move into the age of computers and smartphones with their kids programming.  Remember when Sesame Street first premiered and some people were saying parents were not going […]

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Good News Fridays: Katy and the Popcats

So why not do something a little different this week.  The snack food company Pop Chips has come out with a video featuring cats and Katy Perry.  This video below involves Katy […]

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Orvillecopter and Amazing Finish

These two videos are for people who like weird things and great finishes.  The first video is a toy helicopter that has the tanned skin of the owner’s cat named Orville.  The […]

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