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The Evening Post: How Its Made – Toilet Paper

It’s the hottest thing selling out, toilet paper.  Ever wondered how it’s made?  Watch below to see how toilet paper is made from start to finish. Click to rate this post! [Total: […]

The Evening Post: Power Ranger Gives Away Toilet Paper And Money

Yes, this really did happen in front of a Moultrie, Georgia Walmart.  Someone dressed up as a Power Ranger and handed out toilet paper and money to people.  See this good gesture […]

The Evening Post: Chasing Toilet Paper / Coronavirus PSA

A friendly PSA from the folks at Action Movie Kids, don’t hoard the toilet paper!  Watching movies can send our imaginations and fears into overdrive – but we remind you to be […]

Good News Fridays: Four Cute Animal Videos To End The Week

How about a couple of great animal videos to end your week?  Cool!  This first video from the YouTube channel BBC Earth features a very good topic.  Did you know that your dog senses […]

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