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View The My Signs I Use On My Videos Presentation

So, if you watch any of my videos, you notice that I use signs to tell you what the video will be about, plus plug my social media stuff as well!  In […]

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View The 15 Life Lessons From Classic Board Games Presentation

Here is another great presentation anyone who is a geek/nerd should love, or anyone who loves playing games will love!  When you were a kid, there some life lessons you learned from […]

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View The 10 Life Lessons From Kid President Presentation

This Saturday, the new show Kid President: Declaration of Awesome premieres on the Hub Network at 6 pm Central.  So to celebrate, I made another Geek Alabama presentation called 10 Life Lessons From […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: View The Redo AL’S Roads Presentation

One of my goals is to share what I think how our roads should be constructed and maintained in Alabama, I mean, I draw roads as a hobby!  So, in my latest […]

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View The 50 Geeky Nerdy Family Activities For Summer Presentation

Summer is finally here!  And for the kids, the next 2 1/2 months are going to be awesome, no school!  But for the parents, unless you give your kids something to do, […]

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View The How To Blog And Use Social Media Presentation

Over the weekend, I spent time updating a classic PowerPoint presentation that I made over a year ago and uploaded to SlideShare.  My first presentation called “How To Blog And Use Social […]

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View The New Nathan Young Visual Resume Infographic

I am putting a lot of stuff of SlideShare to get me noticed.  The first and original Visual Resume is now approaching 6,000 views, happy! The Nathan Young Visual Resume Game Board […]

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View The New Nathan Young Visual Resume Board Game Infographic

My visual resume, in a PowerPoint form, has over 4,200 views now and is doing very well over on SlideShare, view it below! Now, I have stepped up my game and produced […]

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Nathan Young / Geek Alabama Visual Resume

This post is going to feature my visual resume and paper resume!  This visual resume presentation is 55 pages long and it took me five days to put everything together.  Most everything […]

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