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Roadscapes Wednesday: Russian Dash Cam Crash Videos

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In honor of the Sochi Winter Olympics going on in Russia.  I wanted to talk about something special you see coming out of Russia, and that is dash cam road videos.  Most drivers in Russia have dash cams installed in their cars mostly to stop corruption.  In Russia, there are drivers who will purposely crash into other cars to try to collect on insurance or on the drivers themselves.  Also in Russia, most police is corrupt.  And police will accept bribes from drivers to drop charges against them.  Those dash cams also catch corrupt police in the act.  Just in case the driver has to go to court.  And yes, some people want drivers to purposely hit them, and dash cam videos catches those people in the act.

Luckily for us, we get to enjoy these videos!  And one channel on YouTube called VodkaVideoTV puts together the best car crash videos into one neat video package.  So far, they are up to #46 on their Car Crash Compilation video series, and since it’s Winter in Russia, the crashes are better!

Another channel called 7 Car Crash Compilation, has their February 2014 video up!

Another channel called CarCrashCompilation has their 60th video up!

If there is one thing you can learn in all of these videos.  It is to slow down and pay attention to the road.  Most of these accidents could have been avoided if people slowed down and drive without being distracted.  As long as there is corruption in Russia, we will continue to see these crazy car crash videos!


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