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Jeff Dennis Jewelers Is Marketing Gold


Some people in Alabama will go to the extreme to get their name out there.  In this case, this person has really gotten his name out there and is now famous!  Jeff Dennis and his business Jeff Dennis Jewelers has done some interesting promotions in the past.  His promotions have involved refunding everyone’s purchase in a certain amount of time if something amazing happened.  In 2012, his promotion was if there was a shutout during the Iron Bowl, all customers who bought stuff on the week before the game got their money back.  In that game, Alabama shutout Auburn.

On Labor Day 2013, he ran a promotion that if more than one inch of rain fell at the Birmingham Airport, all customers who purchased things between August 1-26 got their money back.  On that day, it rained 1.4 inches.  The first two successful promotions refunded over $135,000 to customers!  And because a safety happened on the first play in the Super Bowl, Lloyd’s of London will be paying out around $70,000.  Each of the promotions has been covered by insurance, other than the small cost to get the insurance policy, the promotions is bringing a lot of publicly and business to Jeff Dennis Jewelers.  And did you know this, The City of Gardendale has an insurance policy on WalMart should something happen to them?

Thanks to the fastest scoring play in Super Bowl history, around 400 customers will be getting refunds ranging from $30 to a couple thousand dollars.  Promotions like this have brought a lot of business and exposure to Jeff Dennis Jewelers.  And I hope more businesses in Alabama can do something like this!  And yes, Jeff Dennis has been on national television, check out his recent interview on HLN!

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