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Roadscapes Wednesday: Missing Stop Sign At Mountainview Road

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On the weekend before the major snow storm that crippled Alabama.  I noticed an intersection in Calhoun County with a missing stop sign.  And this is a major concern for my mother, who lives close to this intersection.  The intersection is at Mountainview Road and Websters Chapel Road in the Wellington area.


The problem, someone who is unfamiliar with this area might roll right up to this intersection and go right across without stopping.  Traffic on Websters Chapel Road does not have to stop, and the barn right next to the road is deceiving because there is another road right behind that barn.


Last week, every highway department was busy treating and clearing the roads from the ice and snow.  But this week, I would like to see a stop sign put up at this intersection, before someone goes through this intersection and hits another car.  The other side of the intersection already has a stop sign up.


I am reporting this to the Calhoun County Highway Department.  I hope this will be taken cared of quickly!


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