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Animation Monday: The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed

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On Monday, Cartoon Network premiered the new Powerpuff Girls special called Dance Pantsed.  The Powerpuff Girls have been around for over 15 years and the folks from Cartoon Network wanted to make something to re-imagine the series.   In the special, Mojo Jojo kidnapped a mathematician, an opera singer and a badger.  The girls come and save the day by defeating a robot, with those kidnapped victims inside.  After the girls come back home, they go shopping, and they act in their kid like ways to convince the Professor to get them a video game.  After dumping the first video game, Mojo Jojo left a video game at the front door called Dance Pants R-EVILution, each girl was kidnapped by the evil game and turned into a mind-controlled robot under the control of Mojo Jojo.  The robot girls then kidnapped the mathematician, opera singer, and badger again.


To save the day, Professor Utonium, The Mayor, and Miss Bellum get into their dancing gear for a dance off!  The girls and the other characters can really dance, this is something I would never do!  Now I did find the ending somewhat rushed and really lacking.  How could the girls remember their own thoughts to break free from being an evil robot?  I just do not get that!  Other than that, I found the special very enjoyable, even though many people on social media panned it.

The animation in the special was outstanding!  Yeah, when I first saw the designs of the girls for this special, I was worried.  But the animators did some outstanding work in this special.  I thought the characters were animated better than in the original series, and I know some people won’t agree with me on that.  Plus, the background animation was some of the best I have ever seen on Cartoon Network.  The network must have spent a lot of money to make this special great!  The CGI computer animation had dazzling effects, and I thought this design of the Powerpuff Girls was much better than the original version.  And I thought Ringo Starr was great in this special!

All of the original voices were back for this special, and they were great!  But I found the girls as less mature and more spoiled.  Like during that store scene, the girls screamed and pretty much destroyed the store to get that video game.  I don’t remember something like that in the original series.  The girls were hilarious and I laughed at some of the scenes.  And I really thought the girls were very cute, much more cuter than in the original series.  I am guessing the writers were wanting the viewers to know that the girls are little kids who are in Kindergarten.  So kids that young are going to have some temper tantrums and crying moments.

One thing I found very surprising was Bubbles having ice breath.  In the series, I thought Blossom was the one with the ice breath?  Did some things change where the girls all have the same superpowers, or was this a writing error?  And two, I thought the last segment in the special went by way too fast.  You would think good dancing would turn the girls back into their former selves.  But nope, it was good memories of the girls and the professor.  My thought, how could the girls remember those thoughts?  They were mind-controlled robots!  Their entire bodies, including their brains, were taken over by a crazy monkey.  How could the girls even think of their own thoughts?


And Mojo Jojo’s plan for taking over Townsville was creating a softball team.  Now tell me, how is that going to take over the people of Townsville?  Now if the monkey said the taking over of the girls was his plan, it would have been a good plan.  But why was a softball game even in the plot?  Other than that, I thought the special was great!  Could this be the beginning of Cartoon Network making more Powerpuff Girls episodes like this, we will see!

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