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My Thoughts On The Legend Of Korra Finale And Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014


Yea, I know both of these shows premiered over a week ago, but I just got around to watching them!  So, let’s talk about the finale of The Legend of Korra, and the annual Doctor Who Christmas special, which were both very interesting this year!

Legend Of Korra Finale


Well, the most popular cartoon in a long time for Nickelodeon has come and gone, and thanks to the poor scheduling from the network, we only got to see the finale online, or for me, since Viacom has blocked full episodes because of the Cable One dispute, I had to torrent the Legend of Korra.  But the last two episodes just rocked, and it is why Korra is one of the top cartoons in 2014!  In the last two episodes, Republic City is being evacuated by Kuvira’s colossus robot attack!  Korra and her friends look for ways to take down the colossus and the robot army, and I just loved all of the action animation here!  The first 15 minutes are just pure awesomeness!

The team uses these hummingbird flight suits, to try to cut a hole in the metal monster, Korra tries to temporary stop the robot from moving, so a hole can be cut.  And the saddest part comes, Hiroshi Sato is crushed to death, after ejecting Lin, and being crushed by the robot’s hands.  That was very sad.  But the team gets inside the robot, and what about those giant animals that dug a way to evacuate residents, that was a good comic relief to the action.  Anyways, Korra meets Kuvira and they both fight each other.  All of this while others are taking apart the giant robot.  Soon, Korra and Kuvira crash-land in the city’s vine jungles, and Kuvira activates the discarded cannon, triggering a staggering release of power that blasts Korra, together with Kuvira whom she shields, into the Spirit World.  That was intense watching it!

After they reemerge from what has become a new spirit portal, Kuvira concedes defeat and is arrested. Some time later, at Zhu Li and Varrick’s wedding, Wu announces his intent to abdicate in favor of democratic Earth states.  But here comes the shocking end! Korra and Asami talk, then leave hand in hand for a vacation in the Spirit World.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the biggest change in children’s television in years!  Introducing Korra and Asami, a same-sex couple!


I kind of wished Korra and Asami would have kissed while looking at each other before going into the Spirit World.  And here is what I think, some people down here in Alabama and the south are going to be angry because a children’s TV show promoted same-sex couples.  But, I have no problem with it!  And think it’s about time to change up children’s TV for the better!  Also, I am kind of sad that this is the end for Korra.  I hope we will see more from the Airbender series, maybe a new character series perhaps?  And the way Nick treated this show was a shame!  Otherwise, the finale offered plenty of action, comedy, good storytelling, and beautiful animation!

I am glad to have watched a cartoon series featuring women leading a huge role!  It was about time!  Enjoy the finale below, while it stays up on YouTube!

Doctor Who Christmas Special


Let’s also talk about the annual Doctor Who Christmas special, which features Santa Claus, and an Alien crossover!  Steven Moffat wrote the Last Christmas episode this year, and he really did a great job!  Think about being put into different dreams, only to make sure the aliens win, and eats your brains out.  That was the plot for the Christmas special.  The first part was mostly spent with Santa Claus crashing in London.  And the thoughts of believing in Santa Claus.  Yes, I believe in Santa Claus.

So, we go to a base at the North Pole, and it reminds me of other classic horror movies.  Imagine being stuck in a base in the middle of nowhere, and there are these alien like creatures attacking people, and they suck onto someone’s face, and eats their brains.  But when someone thinks about the creatures, they wake up, and more come down from the ceiling, and just when you think everything is doomed, Santa Claus comes to save the day.  But, in reality, the creatures got attached to everyone, and the victims are in a dream state.

The facehuggers are “dream crabs” that induce delicious delirium as they digest your brain.  And soon we find Clara as a victim.  In the dream world, Clara wakes up to the most beautiful Christmas morning ever, but sees messages on chalkboards, and soon the Doctor becomes a victim as well to save Clara.  Soon, Clara and the Doctor are freed, but they soon find out that they are still in a dream state.  Then, we go into a world of different dream states, like seeing the horror thing, then waking up to seeing another horror thing.  The facehuggers have done a really good job trying to fool Clara and the Doctor!

Seeing Clara 40 years older was a freakout!  And seeing Clara and the Doctor rescuing the team on Santa’s sleigh flying over London was cool as well!  My only concern, was the last world before the ending really real?  Are are Clara and the Doctor still having their brains sucked out?  Will the next season even be real, or will it be controlled by some ugly crabs in a dream world?  I guess we will have to find out, but I enjoyed the Christmas special!

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