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TV Reviews: Showdown Of The Unbeatables, America’s Best Cook, Down East Dickering

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On this TV Reviews post, I am talking about three new shows on cable!  So, what did I think of Showdown Of The Unbeatables, America’s Best Cook, and Down East Dickering?

Showdown Of The Unbeatables


This new show on National Geographic Channel I thought was pretty cool!  Showdown Of The Unbeatables is hosted by Brian Unger and Zane Lamprey.  And this series is basically a battle royale between two different things or people.  Showdown of the Unbeatables showcases three product match-ups per episode.  The companies that designed them are as varied as the inventions: some are mom-and-pop shops with one killer product while others are multimillion-dollar corporations with extensive resources.  What they all share is a passion for their product and the unshakeable belief that it can’t be beaten.


The hosts align themselves with opposing products, getting to know how they work, learning the backstory from engineers who created them, and then seeing them in action. And they don’t just mean everyday items lying around the house.  The engineers demonstrate the innovations in jaw-dropping ways.  The series then explains the fascinating science behind the inventions, but above all it delivers incredible, logic-defying visuals.  When the dueling companies meet for the first time, the players size each other up.  The rules are drawn up and agreed upon.  The supporters take their places. And the showdown begins.

After the showdown, one is the winner and one is the loser.  One of the episodes featured battles between a flame thrower vs. fire truck, world’s strongest man vs. robot, and Tuff-N-Lite vs denim.  I enjoyed the science behind each item going into a battle on this show.  And of course I enjoyed the battles!  See, science can still be cool on TV!  I enjoyed this show and any geek/nerd would enjoy this show, the only bad thing is the show premieres on Friday night, when many people are away.  Glad the DVR was invented!  Showdown Of The Unbeatables airs on Friday nights on National Geographic Channel.  Learn more at:

America’s Best Cook


Last weekend, Food Network premiered America’s Best Cook.  The show features home cooks from four different regions in America, East, West, South, and North.  And the home chefs are mentored by Tyler Florence, Cat Cora, Michael Symon, and Alex Guarnaschelli.  Ted Allen from Chopped hosts the show.  In the first episode, four cooks from each region came and had to do a cook off featuring one ingredient unique to that region.  The mentor chefs then tasted the dishes from the four home cooks, and two made the cut!

So, this is what I think about the show.  I thought this show was copying the cooking show The Taste on ABC.  Only except using spoons to taste the dishes, the home cooks are cooking real and full dishes!  The viewers only got the backgrounds of the home cooks and got to see the home cooks cook one dish featuring one ingredient in the first episode.  Starting with the second episode, the home cooks will be coached by their chef mentors.  Each episode will begin with a Group Challenge in which the mentors counsel their cooks in creating dishes to impress a guest judge.  The bottom four home cooks will then face off in the Pressure Cooker round, which will determine who goes home and who remains for another week.

The finale puts the four remaining home cooks through three grueling single-elimination rounds until one cook is left standing, alongside his or her chef-mentor, as America’s Best Cook.  As you know, I have been somewhat critical of some of the shows on Food Network because it takes the simple concept of cooking and twists and turns it into something weird.  At least this competition show is about cooking!  I think bringing in average home cooks for a chance to win $50,000 and the best cook title is a good thing for the network.  I hope to see some good things from this show!  America’s Best Cook airs on Sunday nights on Food Network, learn more at:

Down East Dickering


History Channel has come out with a new show that could be a companion of American Pickers.  Down East Dickering follows four groups of New Englanders for whom “dickering” is a way of life.  Whether it’s building a bridge, climbing a bell tower, or officiating a wedding, they’ll do whatever it takes to make a few bucks so they can enjoy life on their own terms.  These people always gets the weekly New England publication called Uncle Henry’s, which is a book featuring nothing but classified ads.  People place ads in the book, and people interested in an item contacts the person listed in the book, and the process repeats!

These folks pretty much live their lives off of the Uncle Henry’s book, from selling and buying items, bartering, odd jobs, and other ways to make a quick buck without getting a job.  In the first episode, you saw some folks make a good profit on vintage auto parts and soda signs.  Other folks did a bridge-building project.  And others made the perfect demolition derby junker.  Each episode is going to focus on several different things and people, kind of like what you see on Duck Dynasty.

For me, I am not an antique junkie, and I don’t fall in love with collecting old stuff.  So this is a show I might catch here and there when nothing else good is on.  But for the folks who love antiques, and shows like American Pickers and Duck Dynasty, Down East Dickering is for you!  And if you are wondering what Dickering means, it’s the bargaining and haggling that goes on to secure a deal.  There may be some money, some trading, and even some bartering involved.  Down East Dickering airs new episodes on Wednesday nights on History Channel, learn more at:

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