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Learn More And Enter The City of Storytellers Video Competition


Are you a filmmaker who wants an opportunity to win some money?  If you want to make  a short film, documentary, a fictional short, a music video, or a monologue about the City of Anniston, then I have a contest for you!  The City of Anniston is offering cash prizes for videos featuring the great things about Anniston.  The contest wants to energize the community through art, and swamp YouTube with the amazing and wonderful things about Anniston.   BuyersUSA Consulting, and owners Tim and Annie Brunson, are organizing the City of Storytellers Video Competition.  Learn more by watching the video below!

Anyone can enter this contest, you do not have to be a resident of Anniston, Alabama to enter.  If you can make a video about Anniston and shoot some scenes in town, then you can enter this contest!  The video must feature some of the great locations within the city limits.  The video should also focus in on some of the amazing history in Anniston.  This means you can focus your video on the scenery, local businesses, unsung local hero, or anything else, it’s all up to you!  But the video must focus on Anniston, Alabama!

The organizers have compiled a list of over 100 positive things you may choose from to feature.  If they’ve left something out, just submit your short film idea for approval.  The videos can not be more than five minutes in length, including credits, and can be made in any genre, that includes animation, music videos, documentaries, monologues, comedies, dramas, action, parodies, or anything else!  To see a list of approved topics and possible locations in Anniston, go to: http://cityofstorytellers.wdng.net/topics.cfm

In order for your film to be accepted into the video competition, you must include a Submission Form.  Also, they require that have everyone involved in your film sign a Release Form, whether it’s your mother walking onto the screen and saying one line, or using a business location.  You do not need to submit your Release Forms unless they request them.  However, your failure to provide requested Release Forms upon their request will invalidate your entry.  Plus, all music used in your film must either be Royalty Free or the musician must sign a release form.  To print out the submission and release forms, go to: http://cityofstorytellers.wdng.net/forms.cfm

The videos will be judged by creativity and the video’s positive portrayal of the City of Anniston.  And videos must focus on things inside the Anniston City Limits and not the police jurisdiction.  The contest is open to the general public, and is divided into two categories.  Videos submitted by high school students and those younger will be judged separately from submission by college students and area residents.  A panel of judges will select the winners and a separate group of winners will be selected based on popular vote.

There is no entry fee to enter this contest.  Submissions will be accepted from January 16th through March 17th, and winners will be announced in April.  The $4,000 in prize money will be broken into 12 separate cash prizes.  Any camera can be used, and video production will not be judged!  So what are waiting for, get to planning and making those videos!

Learn more about the City of Storytellers Video Competition at:  http://cityofstorytellers.wdng.net

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