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In Honor Of Anniston Taking My Photos, I Present Anniston: The Muddled City


So, it happened again.  This weekend downtown Anniston will have something called the Anniston Christmas Village and Christmas parade.  Sadly, the website for the event called  modelcitymagic.com has a slideshow, which features all photos I took from the Christmas parade last year!  There is nothing saying the photos came from Geek Alabama, or nothing from the city or the so called Model City Consulting asking me to use my photos.  Here are some comparisons from the website, and what I took last year.


And even the Anniston Star is featuring the Christmas parade and event as one of their ads on the front page.


So in honor of people and the City of Anniston taking my photos without permission.  I made a video highlighting the many things wrong in Anniston.  The video is called Anniston: The Muddled City.  Sorry to feature this, but you NEVER take other people’s work without asking permission or attributing where the photos came from!

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