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3 Days Left Until Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

3 Days Left Until Christmas

At The North Pole:

Only three days left until Christmas, and that means all hands are on deck!  The elves at Santa’s Workshop are on the final countdown to get all of those toys built, with no defects.  The reindeer handlers are feeding and prepping the animals for the Christmas flight.  And Santa is going over his list one last time while studying the Christmas flight route.  Yep, Christmas is almost here!

Christmas Song:

Sleigh Ride is a popular light orchestral piece composed by Leroy Anderson. The composer had the original idea for the piece during a heat wave in July 1946; he finished the work in February 1948.  This is a popular Christmas song where there are no lyrics, except for that horse sound!

Adult / Child Gift Idea:


Since it’s too late to buy something online, how about a thoughtful gift.  Like tickets to a show or concert.  Everyone should like those!

Christmas Charity:


Don’t forget our troops this Christmas season!  The United Service Organizations Inc. (USO) is a nonprofit organization that provides programs, services and live entertainment to United States troops and their families.  Until every one comes home!  Learn more and donate at:

12 Days of Christmas:

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, 3 French Hens!  The true cost for 2013, $125.00.

My Christmas Wish:

My only Christmas wish for 2013 is a job or income from Geek Alabama.  If you know of something e-mail me at [email protected]  View my visual resume below!



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