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12 Days Left Until Christmas 2019 – Sleigh Ride

Welcome to the 2019 edition of the Geek Alabama Christmas Countdown. Every day from now until Christmas Day, we will feature a popular Christmas song for you to enjoy! With 12 days […]

13 Days Left Until Christmas 2018 – Sleigh Ride

13 days left until Christmas Day!  And today, let’s feature a Christmas song with no lyrics!  “Sleigh Ride” was composed by Leroy Anderson during a California heat wave in 1946 and finished the […]

7 Days Left Until Christmas 2017 – Sleigh Ride

On today’s Christmas countdown, I am featuring the song Sleigh Ride by Leroy Anderson.  This Christmas song has no lyrics, other than that horse sound near the end.  Enjoy this classic song below!

5 Days Left Until Christmas 2014

5 Days Left Until Christmas 2014 At The North Pole: The Christmas rush is on at the North Pole!  With only a few days left, the elves are beginning to feed the […]

3 Days Left Until Christmas 2013

3 Days Left Until Christmas At The North Pole: Only three days left until Christmas, and that means all hands are on deck!  The elves at Santa’s Workshop are on the final […]

Music Thursdays: Geek Alabama’s Top Christmas Songs

We are so close to Christmas!  I enjoy listening to Christmas songs each year.  Many radio stations are now playing Christmas songs in their rotations with some stations playing Christmas songs 24/7. […]

5 Days Left Until Christmas 2012

5 Days Left Until Christmas At the North Pole: Only 5 days are left until Santa makes his yearly run!  And the elves are very busy right now!  Everyone is now making […]

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