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Product Reviews: Marie Callender’s Biscuits / Better Bakery Pretzel Melts

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This product reviews post is for two frozen food products that have recently come out!  One is for breakfast and the other is for a snack or lunch.  First, let’s talk about a new product from Marie Callender’s.

Marie Callender’s Biscuits

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Marie Callender’s has plenty of food products you can choose from.  But these new breakfast biscuits are new to the frozen food aisle.  Cheddar biscuits come in several varieties and I got the bacon, egg, and cheese product.  The biscuits come in individually wrapped boxes.  The instructions are very easy to follow and they are printed on each box which contains one biscuit.

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The biscuit is cut in half and contains a bacon patty, cheese, and scrambled eggs all frozen.  You follow the directions and cook for 1:30.  But in my microwave, it took around 2:00 to fully cook.  After cooking all three that came in one package, this is what I got.

stuff 011

The biscuits were good for a frozen product!  The biscuit was slightly dry but I loved the bacon patty!  The eggs were hot and the cheese was very gooey and melted across the entire biscuit.  I thought this biscuit is great if you are trying to save money and not wanting to go out to buy fast-food for breakfast.  I would get this product again!

Learn more about the Marie Callender’s Biscuits at:

Better Bakery Pretzel Melts

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A bakery out in California is now in the frozen food business!  Better Bakery has a line of pretzel rolls which they claim are all hand crafted.  The dough is hand rolled and the silts on top are hand cut.  Everything inside the pretzel rolls are deli quality ingredients and nothing weird is used!  I got the pepperoni and cheese pizza pretzel melt.

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The pretzel melts comes individually wrapped and looks like a pretzel roll with salt on top.  After cooking in the microwave, the filling has plenty of pepperoni, cheese, and sauce.  I thought the combination of pizza and pretzel works well!  I wonder how long it will be before a pizza company offers a pretzel crust, it would do well!  I would get this product again and try the other varieties!

Learn more about Better Bakery Pretzel Melts at:

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