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Business Review: Cook Out Restaurants

Here in Alabama, we have seen an invasion of restaurants from the Carolina’s.  First, Bojangles which has awesome chicken, sides, and biscuits, came and I enjoy going there.  Now, another Carolina chain has come to Alabama and is expanding.  Cook Out specializes in more American fare like burgers, hot dogs, fries, and shakes.  They opened a location in Jacksonville, which is only the second location in Alabama, for now.

The big thing you need to know about Cook Out is their Cook Out Tray.  You get one main item like a cheeseburger, two hot dogs, chicken sandwich, BBQ sandwich, and other items.  But, instead of only getting one side, you get two sides!  Other than the usual fare like French fries, onion rings, or slaw, you can also get a quesadilla, chicken nuggets, chicken wrap, bacon wrap, corndog, chili, or even hushpuppies.  You get two of these items!  And with a drink the price was under $7.  You can even swap out the drink for a shake if you wanted!

I got a Big Double Burger (with bacon), French Fries, beef quesadilla, and a drink.   Of course since this chain was from the Carolina’s, I got Cheerwine.  It tasted like a deep cherry cola.  For a first timer, it tasted really good!

The burger was juicy and the bacon was thick!  It was a good burger!

The beef quesadilla was cheesy and good.

And of course I had to get a shake afterwards.  At Cookout, they have over 40 flavors to choose from, and you can mix and match!  Since Thanksgiving is near, I got their new pumpkin pie shake.  It comes to you extremely thick!  In fact it stayed thick until long after I got back home.  The shake had a lot of pumpkin flavor, it was really good!

So Cookout gives you a lot of good food for a really good price!   I will certainly be back there soon!

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