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Young Boy Saving NASA One Signature At A Time


There are plenty of interesting petitions on the We The People Petition section on the White House site.  Some interesting petitions includes pardoning Edward Snowden, allowing Tesla Motors to sell in all 50 states, stopping SOPA, investigating Jimmy Kimmel Live, mandatory labeling on genetically modified food, and more!  So one petition on the site was started by a 6-year-old.  And the petition is touching many people in their hearts.  Here is the story!

Connor Johnson from Denver Colorado has dreams of becoming an NASA astronaut.  He knows the news from Congress where they want to cut the NASA budget even more.  And the $10.41 in his piggy bank is not even close to enough to save NASA from budget cuts.  Connor’s parents told him to post a petition on the We The People site and it has gotten worldwide attention!


NASA’s planetary science branch recently announced it would restructure its research funding process.  That announcement has angered many in the planetary science community who now won’t be able to apply for new grants until 2015.  Even Bill Nye posted a video urging President Obama to increase funding to NASA.  Here is that video, it’s worth watching!

Science and space exploration should not fall under budget cuts.  Science is that important to Planet Earth.  Cutting funding to science is bad in many ways from less research in finding new medicines to learning less about our space galaxy.  What if a major asteroid hits Earth but we had no idea it was coming because science had less funding.  That would be bad!  The White House responds to petitions on We the People that reach 100,000 signatures in one month.  Connor’s needs about 80,000 more signatures by December 29 to achieve that goal.  To sign the petition, go to:

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