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The Evening Post: How To Vote In: Alabama

Former President Obama in the video below shows you how to vote here in Alabama.  This year, you have three easy ways to cast your ballot and make your voice heard. You […]

The Evening Post: Obama’s Virtual Commencement Speech To Class Of 2020

If you’re looking for a real speech from a real president, watch this below!  At the ‘Graduate Together’ special, former President Barack Obama tells graduating seniors to “set the world on a […]

My Thoughts About Ahmed Mohamed And The Homemade Clock

I mean come on, stereotyping someone because of the color of their skin, this is so 50 years ago, right?  Sadly it’s not, even in today’s world there are some people who […]

Watch President Obama’s Speech From Birmingham

Yesterday, President Obama was in Birmingham and went to Lawson State Community College to talk about protecting consumers from payday lenders.  You know, the people who charge folks really high interest rates […]

Watch President Obama Speak Live From The Edmund Pettus Bridge

Many events are happening this weekend during the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights March from Selma to Montgomery.  Today, President Obama is going to speak live in front of the Edmund […]

Hey Internet, Congrats On Hopefully Keeping Net Neutrality

There has been a lot of debate over the whole Net Neutrality thing.  Mostly everyone on the internet, including me, wants the internet to remain free.  And not include so called “fast […]

Three Concerns About The Obama Free Community College Plan

This week, President Obama actually proposed something that needs to happen!  And here is why, about 30-40 years ago, graduating from high school was a major achievement.  It opened graduates doors to […]

Watch Saturday Night Live Turn I’m Just A Bill Into Madness

As you know, President Obama issued an executive order last week to give some illegal immigrants rights to stay in this country.  But, the folks from Saturday Night Live did something brilliant! […]

Watch The Full Medal Of Honor Ceremony Of Bennie Adkins And Donald Sloat

Today at the White House, the Medal of Honor was given to Army Command Sgt. Maj. Bennie G. Adkins and Army Spc. Donald P. Sloat for their actions of bravely during the Vietnam […]

Young Boy Saving NASA One Signature At A Time

There are plenty of interesting petitions on the We The People Petition section on the White House site.  Some interesting petitions includes pardoning Edward Snowden, allowing Tesla Motors to sell in all […]

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