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Sunday Discussion: Bill Nye Is Mad At People For Not Wearing Masks

Bill Nye joined Tik Tok and explained why wearing a mask is important and urged everyone to stay safe during COVID-19.  The folks from What’s Trending talks about why Bill Nye urges […]

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Watch Last Week Tonight Explain The Green New Deal

I’m one of those people who believes that we need to do something now about climate change.  And John Oliver from Last Week Tonight agrees.  He did a piece about the Green […]

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Is Star Trek Or Star Wars Better: Bill Nye Decides

So, there is the debate about which is better, Star Wars or Star Trek.  To decide which one is better, why not bring in one of the biggest celebrity scientists, Bill Nye. […]

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Catch Episode 13 Of The New Screen Savers

Episode 13 of The New Screen Savers is here!  This episode is hosted by Leo Laporte and includes guest host Martin Sargent.  This episode includes Padre’s Black Hat preview, how to sell your […]

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King of the Nerds Season 2 Premieres Tonight

Last year, a new show called King of the Nerds premiered on TBS.  The show featured 11 contestants who lived together in “Nerdvana” and competed in challenges until one was crowned the winner. […]

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Young Boy Saving NASA One Signature At A Time

There are plenty of interesting petitions on the We The People Petition section on the White House site.  Some interesting petitions includes pardoning Edward Snowden, allowing Tesla Motors to sell in all […]

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