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Food Review: Papa John’s Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Papa John’s is known for their pizza, which I like.  For a while, Papa John’s here in Anniston / Oxford was the only pizza joint that delivered to your house.  Pizza Hut does not deliver and Domino’s was not even in town until about a year ago.  Papa John’s does have some great dessert products like the Sweet Sticks, Applepie and the Cinnapie, they are good!  Now Papa John’s has come out with the Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie!

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The mega cookie comes in a small Papa John’s box.  When I had my pizza and cookie delivered, I could smell the cookie over the pizza.  The cookie only cost $5 because I ordered a pizza.  I used a Black Friday special one day code that gave my entire order at 50% off.  The cookie comes in a tin bowl and is sliced into 8 pizza shaped pieces.  The cookie is almost like a cookie pizza.

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The cookie was thick, and it was soft and crunchy as well.  The cookie had plenty of chocolate chips and was still very warm, even after I finished eating my pizza.  The cookie is baked in the same pizza oven used to bake the pizzas.  And I assume the cookie comes already rolled out in the cookie tin pan and the employee only has to place this into the oven.  I wonder if a cookie company like Nestle Toll House or Pillsbury got an exclusive deal to make these cookies for Papa John’s?

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The cookie was moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside.  I would eat this thing by itself with a tall glass of milk.  I would only get this when you order pizza at Papa John’s.  I know kids will love eating this!  Kudos to Papa John’s for doing something creative like this.  I wonder how long it will be before Domino’s or Pizza Hut starts doing something like this as well.  I would like to see Papa John’s come out with other cookie varieties like sugar, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and others.  Now that would be good!

If you are going out to get pizza from Papa John’s, get this cookie, it was good!

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