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Gal Gadot Casted as Wonder Woman / The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer


So this post is going to talk about two big stories in the future superhero movies.  First off, we now have a Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman/Superman movie coming out in 2015.  Her name is Gal Gadot from the Fast and Furious movies and the internet is not happy with the news.  This is getting the same reaction like when Ben Affleck was named as Batman.  Some of the people not happy with this Wonder Woman news say Gal Gadot is way too thin or her breasts are too small, no I am not making this stuff up.  Do these people have something more productive to do in their lives?

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Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress who has had extensive military training and her body looks beautiful.  Yes she looks thin now, but when the movie comes out in 2015, I don’t think she will look like what she looks like now.  The movie makers will be getting Gal Gadot into the gym to build up muscle so she looks like a real superhero in the movie.  I don’t think any CGI will need to be involved here.  The upcoming Superman/Batman movie is a obvious attempt to do a Justice League movie.  Admit it Warner Brothers, you are dying to do a Justice League movie.  You see the success of The Avengers and are missing out on that potential money!

It’s not enough to keep damaging the DC brand like when they cancelled the Justice League cartoon on Cartoon Network.  You are bringing in stars which many people don’t agree with into a Justice League movie.  You know a lot of people in the internet world hopes this upcoming movie bombs.  Because they have had enough of the DC Nation ruining the classic comic book characters.  It might not be the faults of the folks from DC, it’s the faults of Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers.

I look forward to the movie in Summer 2015 and I hope it will prove many people wrong.  Lots of people did not like the Ben Affleck casting news, and now lots of people are not liking the Gal Gadot casting news.  Either the producers of this movie knows what they are doing, or the general public knows they are right, and they will be watching a train wreck in 2015.  I will review this upcoming Superman/Batman Justice League movie when it comes out, and I hope it will be great.  DC has a lot of catching up to do, since Marvel is killing them in the movie department.  Disney can pump a lot of money into the Marvel brand.  Here’s a great video from the YouTube channel Black Nerd Comedy talking about the Gal Gadot news.

Also, a new trailer for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is now out!  The trailer promises lots and lots of villains which people love seeing.  Andrew Garfield is back to play Spider Man and the villains will star Jamie Foxx as Electro, Paul Giamatti as The Rhino, and Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn.  Marvel is showing DC who’s boss and this trailer proves that Marvel knows what they are doing!  The movie will come out in May 2014.

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