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Six Cool Halloween Synchronized Lights Videos


Most of us went out tonight for Halloween, and now we are sitting back and maybe eating some of the kids trick-or-treat candy.  So why not sit back and enjoy a couple of special Halloween videos synchronized to music from the YouTube channels Edwards Landing Lights, Treehorn 89, and Without The Snow Dogs!

Ylvis – The Fox

EdwardsLandingLights did a wonderful job with this song!

Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

EdwardsLandingLights knew this song was popular!

Awolnation – Sail

treehorn89 really decked out his house for Halloween!

Fall Out Boy – Light Em Up

treehorn89 put out another great light show here!

The Nightmare Before Christmas – This Is Halloween

Without The Snow Dogs chose a great song to put with lights!

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

Without The Snow Dogs great show with a great song!


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