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How Do American Kids React To Breakfast From Other Countries

The YouTube channel Cut Video did something cute!  They got kids to try breakfast from different countries in the world.  As expected, some breakfasts the kids liked, like the breakfast from the Netherlands.  And […]

What The Holidays Would Look Like If Kids Were In Charge, Watch This Video

The YouTube channel SoulPancake has put out another great video!  They went to a local Boys and Girls Club and had kids draw a picture of what the holidays would look like if they were […]

Music Thursdays: Watch The Amazing Monty The Penguin Christmas Ad

The United Kingdom retailer John Lewis does some great and amazing Christmas ads each year.  But this year, it’s the best one they have ever done!  The ad tells the story of […]

Good News Fridays: Jimmy The Pig

I have been busy today, so this Good News Fridays will be a quick one, and funny as well!  Jimmy Kimmel Live did something very funny.  They took Jimmy Kimmel and a […]

Sunday Discussion: My Father’s Day Message To My Father

So today is Father’s Day, today is the day we celebrate the fathers in our lives. Sure, most fathers are great people, and I have enjoyed seeing the father stories from people […]

Product Reviews: Bright Light Pillow / Flashlight Friends

Over the weekend, I received two products from Idea Village that are for families and kids.  You have seen the commercials on TV for the Bright Light Pillow and Flashlight Friends. These […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: The Dangers of Riding In The Back of A Pickup Truck

This week on Roadscapes Wednesday, I am talking about the dangers of riding in the back of a pickup truck.  Pickup trucks are designed to transport things and objects from one place […]

Sunday Discussion: Father’s Day 2013

So today is Father’s Day, and this year just like every Father’s Day I will not have to worry about giving my father a gift.  In fact, I will not be seeing […]

Helicopter Parenting Has Gone Too Far

Helicopter parents are a really big problem in America.  These parents must stay involved in every aspect of their kids lives.  These parents pay extremely close attention to their child’s or children’s experiences and […]

Why Video Games Are Good For The Family

On Tuesday I watched the live feed of the Activision’s Family Game Summit held in New York City.  The summit was about Activision’s new games that are coming out.  Plus several speakers talked […]

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