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Watch Anthony Bourdain Eat At A Waffle House For The First Time

Yummy, in the south you know of one place you can go and get a freshly cooked meal anytime of the day, it’s called the Waffle House.  In this clip from Anthony […]

TV Review: America’s Next Weatherman

I try to catch new TV shows on TV, and some shows are great with wonderful writing, characters, and storytelling.  While others, well they are a piece of junk!  And this new […]

Watch John Oliver Talk About Patents And The End Of The World

This week on the HBO show Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, they talk about two things that the geeks and nerds should care about.  The first video is about patents, and […]

Did You Miss The Lunar Eclipse, Watch These Videos Instead

The lunar eclipse happened this week, did you sleep in or forget?  Don’t worry, I have some videos here for you to enjoy!  The first video from the YouTube channel Gian Masi is the […]

The Oklahoma Minimum Wage Debacle / Why A Basic Income Is Good For America

Today, a story from the state of Oklahoma went viral, and it involves some people and how much they make at their jobs.  Governor Mary Fallin today signed a bill banning any […]

The Cable One / Turner Broadcasting Controversy

UPDATE: The dispute between Cable One and Turner Broadcasting has been resolved.  The process of restoring the Turner channels will begin immediately and may take several days to complete, Cable One says. […]

TV Reviews: Naked Castaway / Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Over the weekend, two new shows premiered on TV for all of us to enjoy.  One TV show shows one guy butt naked on a deserted island.  Another TV show shows a famous TV […]

Good News Fridays: CNN Crossfire Coming Back?

One thing hot on TV today has been debate shows.  Everyone loves talking about their views on everyday things from sports to politics.  CNN used to have a very popular show called […]

My Computer And Job Hopes Are Down Folks!

Sorry for the lack of posts.  On Thursday evening my computer’s hard drive crashed!  Yes it sounds bad but I was smart to back up my important files using Dropbox!  I am […]

The Speechless Christmas Gift

  You have to love things like this!  On Christmas Day Daniel Buckhannan from Oxford was at his father’s house in Boaz.  Don Buckhannan dreamed of going to see the Alabama Crimson Tide […]

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