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The Federal Government Shuts Down, Stay Calm Everyone!


It’s been crazy in the Federal Government in the past few months.  Congress can’t agree on anything.  The White House can’t agree on anything.  And the American people can’t agree on anything.  It’s either people are getting the wrong information from the media outlets like CNN or Fox News.  Or they are set on their beliefs and nothing will force them to change their views on what the Federal Government should be doing.  Yep, there are many people who are dead set on their views about government.  The Federal Government shut down this morning, and from this video from The New York Times, here are the impacts.

It’s troubling to see our nation’s government shut down.  It’s not because we are out of money or something horrible is happening.  It’s because our country’s people and politicians can not agree on anything!  We are fighting each other with words and actions over things like Obamacare, federal spending, Christian beliefs, food stamps, and taxes.  Each person has taken the view of it’s my way or the highway, and nothing is going to make them change their views and beliefs.  And for us geeks and nerds, we never act like that!

Geeks and Nerds are loving and nice to each other.  Sure, we might get into a small battle over Star Trek, Star Wars, gaming, TV shows, movies, and other interests.  But soon afterwards, we are often enjoying an activity with each other.  Why can’t the people in the Federal Government do that?  Here’s my view on the government shutdown all summed up in one sentence.

So, what can the average people do to force the Federal Government to change for the better?  There’s only one action, you MUST vote out your local congressman in the next election.  During the 2014 elections, simply vote for the other guy.  Do not vote for the incumbent.  In Alabama, Rep. Spencer Bachus announced that he was going to retire after his term is up.  And in District 1, Rep. Jo Bonner resigned and another person is about to take over his seat.  That’s a great start!  The other representatives must also be voted out!  That includes Mike Rogers, Robert Aderholt, Mo Brooks, Martha Roby, and Terri Sewell.

Our two US Senators, Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions, must be voted out when their elections come around as well!  Every other state in America must vote out their representatives in the House and Senate if you want Washington D.C. to change!  It doesn’t matter if they are a Republican or a Democrat, they must be voted out!  After everyone is voted out, term limits needs to be put in place as well!  If we keep voting in the same people over and over again, we will keep seeing the same dysfunctional government in Washington.  And I know no one wants to see that.

I feel bad for all the people who are being furloughed today.  You will begin to feel my pain of being unemployed.  I have been unemployed for 27 months now and it’s not fun.  I hope the furloughs does not last too long.  Stuff like this is why Washington D.C. is a major embarrassment to the entire world!  When visitors can not access things like our national parks, it leaves a bad impression!  Google released a doodle today depicting the 123rd anniversary of Yosemite National Park, too bad it’s closed today.


I would also encourage all of you to stop watching the media!  Watching too much Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, or even The Blaze can leave you brainless and like a zombie from The Walking Dead.  Use that time you would watching the news to enjoy a movie, go outside, do a hobby, or do something fun.  Get your mind off of the crazy news you see on TV or online!

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