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John Oliver Wants America To Get Rid Of The Penny

I mean, why do we need the penny today?  Prices have inflated so much that a penny is almost worthless in today’s world.  And it costs the US Mint more money than […]

Why I Support Rand Paul And The End Of Government Phone Record Collections

Usually, I do not agree with the views from Senator Rand Paul. I mean, cutting all welfare and transferring the programs to the states will mean states like Alabama will mishandle the […]

Why Alabama Should Require High School Students To Pass The Civics Exam

Quick!  Name the two US Senators in Alabama?  Name the largest river in the United States?  Which president created the Interstate Highway System?  And if you need the answers, Richard Shelby and […]

The Federal Government Shuts Down, Stay Calm Everyone!

It’s been crazy in the Federal Government in the past few months.  Congress can’t agree on anything.  The White House can’t agree on anything.  And the American people can’t agree on anything. […]

Animation Monday: Government Shutdown Political Cartoons 2013

Can our Federal Government ever get along?  The US Congress is in fighting mode over Obamacare and federal spending.  The Republican controlled US House is wanting to defund Obamacare and reduce spending […]

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