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Animation Monday: Government Shutdown Political Cartoons 2013

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Can our Federal Government ever get along?  The US Congress is in fighting mode over Obamacare and federal spending.  The Republican controlled US House is wanting to defund Obamacare and reduce spending on programs that help people like the SNAP or Food Stamp program.  The Democrat US Senate is wanting to continue with Obamacare being implemented and are wanting safety net programs to not be cut.  All of this fighting and disagreements are going to shut down the government at midnight tonight.

So for this Animation Monday, I am going to feature 10 government shutdown political cartoons.  These cartoons show the good and the ugly over the possible shutdown.  Our government needs to get along!  And quit fighting like they are overgrown babies on a personal mission to advance their personal agendas.  I wish the American people have the guts to vote out everyone in Congress!


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