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Sunday Discussion: The Pope Francis Address To Congress

During the week, Pope Francis has been in the United States.  You like to know why I like this leader, because he is not always caring about those who are well off […]

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Last Week Tonight Talks About Why Washington DC Should Be A State

Ah America, where it’s territories gets the shaft.  And than includes Washington DC, which has hardly any power in the US Congress.  And could not even vote for president until the constitution […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: Fix The Trust Fund

So think about this?  What happens when the Highway Trust Fund runs out?  In 64 days, we will find out what happens, unless Congress does something.  You see, the Highway Trust Fund […]

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Animation Monday: Government Shutdown Political Cartoons 2013

Can our Federal Government ever get along?  The US Congress is in fighting mode over Obamacare and federal spending.  The Republican controlled US House is wanting to defund Obamacare and reduce spending […]

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The Postal Service Is Cutting Saturday Mail

This is one of those stories that shows the problems going on in Washington!  On Wednesday; the United States Postal Service announced plans to cut out Saturday mail delivery service on August […]

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