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Happy Star Wars Day! 2014


In case you have lived under a rock. Today was Star Wars Day!  May be 4th be with you! Star Wars Day has become a celebration of Star Wars and all things George Lucas. Yes, this holiday has gotten bigger each year since it became mainstreamed!  Thanks to Disney, they released the trailer to the upcoming animated show Star Wars: Rebels that will air on DisneyXD later this year.  Enjoy!

Next, you have to see this video from the YouTube channel Action Movie Kid, where the father does some pretty cool animations featuring his son, enjoy their Star Wars Day video!

Next, NASA did a special Star Wars Day video featuring flight engineer Rick Mastracchio delivering a special message from the International Space Station, with a few technical issues along the way.

Next, the YouTube channel 5facts gives all Star Wars fans 30 things they did not know about the franchise, these are some interesting facts!

College Humor gave all of us a parody Star Wars video where they held auditions for the Cantina Band.

And the YouTube channel YouTube Nation actually found someone who has seen Star Wars parodies online, but has not seen the Star Wars movies, really?

This year, more companies celebrated all things Star Wars.  Below are some of my favorite Star Wars Day tweets!

At the end, I hope you enjoyed Star Wars Day, May the force be with you!

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