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The Rumble On Noble Controversy


For the last couple of years, the Rumble On Noble is held in downtown Anniston along Noble Street every August.  This event brings in a lot of tax dollars to the local businesses in downtown Anniston.  But this year, there was some controversy surrounding this event.  A local business owner at the Rabbit Hutch Gift Shop was worried that motorcyclists are the wrong kind of people.  And that charging people to access Noble Street is wrong for the local businesses.  This touched off a major battle between the City of Anniston, event organizers, and the local businesses along Noble Street.  Thankfully, the Anniston City Council granted the event to go on as planned.  So Rumble on Noble 9 is still on!

There’s always been a stigma around motorcycle riders.  I guess most people are misinformed about people who likes to ride motorcycles.  Sure, there are motorcycle gangs like the famous Hell’s Angels, or the Devil’s Diciples in Alabama.  Yes, some motorcycle gangs are involved in crime and the authorities have cracked down by arresting motorcycle riders involved in crime.   But for the majority of motorcycle riders, they are not dangerous people!

Geek Alabama has even covered motorcycle events, and no, the motorcycle riders are not dangerous people!  They are average people just like you and me who loves to ride on two wheels!  The Jennifer’s Ride: Passport for a Cure raised a lot of money and drew many riders!  To see pictures, click the link: http://geekalabama.com/2013/06/02/jennifers-ride-passport-for-a-cure-2013/  And enjoy the video!

Most motorcycle riders are not dangerous people who drink, have tattoos, and destroys other people’s property.  Most motorcycle riders are good people who loves to ride on two wheels and enjoys the open air!  Yes, I do believe there is a stigma from some people surrounding motorcycle riders.  But after hanging out with the average motorcycle riders, I believe these people will form a different opinion about motorcycle riders!  Motorcycle riders like to be in a community, and yes, some have done some interesting things like shutting down a freeway for a wedding proposal!  Motorcycle riders are great people!

Learn more about the Rumble on Noble at: https://www.facebook.com/RumbleonNoble

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  1. I was assigned to Ft. McClellen when I was in the Army (old I know), wish they did this ride when I was there. You are right folks just assume bike riders are like that, but my money is the same as everyones!

  2. Yes, most people on motorcycles are not bad people. It’s just many people assume motorcycle riders are bad people. Glad the Rumble on Noble will still happen! Thanks for commenting!