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The Realistic Barbie Doll From Nickolay Lamm


I found this very interesting and worth sharing.  Many girls grew up playing with dolls like Barbie.  But do you notice how thin the Barbie doll is?  The average Barbie doll has a very thin waist and long legs.  This image is unrealistic for all girls and women.  Some girls are pressured to look thin and beautiful like the Barbie doll and they will develop eating disorders.  Many women’s groups says the Barbie doll promotes an unhealthy idea of body image in girls.  I also wonder if parents are teaching their daughters a realistic approach to a women’s body image and self-worth?  Not all women have to be skinny to be beautiful!

Artist Nickolay Lamm from has created a rendering of what a Barbie doll would look like if it better resembled an average woman.  He used the CDC measurements to make a 3-D model, dressed it up like a Barbie using Photoshop, then photographed a standard Barbie doll next to his model to show the difference.  The end result is what Barbie would look like if she was a healthy, beautiful, 19-year-old woman.

Together_sLamm found that, scaled up to human size, Barbie dolls would have unrealistic measurements of 36-18-33, compared with the typical 19-year-old girl’s 32-31-33.  it has been estimated that, if she were to exist as a human, Barbie would weigh about 110lbs – or 7 stone, 8lbs – and would have a BMI of 16.24. This would fit the weight criteria for anorexia.  I really do like this new Barbie doll as it’s more realistic for young girls than the skinny classic Barbie.


It does not matter how Barbie looks like.  Doll or no doll, it’s up to the individual to realize their own self-worth.  I speak for most people when I say confidence – regardless of appearance – makes a person exponentially more attractive.  Parents and other adults have got to teach girls that they are beautiful no matter how they look.  We all have some imperfections, but we don’t have to look like the celebrities in those magazines to be successful in life.  The media has done a good job brainwashing some people to think they have to be skinny and unhealthy to be beautiful and successful.  How many more rounds of plastic surgery will it take for some people to look “perfect.”

Society has placed different pressures on girls / women than on boys / men.  It does seem like more women have eating disorders then men.  But anyone can suddenly develop problems because of society’s pressure to look “perfect.”  I have got a great challenge for any of you who are having body or self-esteem issues.  Go in front of a mirror and look at yourself naked.  You will realize that you are worth it, no matter how you look like!

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