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Barbie’s LinkedIn Profile, And Why Hasbro Needs To Create Some LinkedIn Profiles As Well


Well, well, well, guess who joined LinkedIn?  No it’s not a real person, it’s a toy.  Barbie from Mattel is now on the job networking site.  Her latest venture is Dream Incubator, where Barbie acts as a consultant, helping girls around the world play out their imagination.  The company tagline is “If you Can Dream It, You Can Be it!”


If you are a LinkedIn user, you can follow Entrepreneur Barbie for business inspiration. She also shares news about her company, social media updates, and her very lengthy resume. This got me to thinking, if Barbie is on LinkedIn, maybe it’s time for one of Hasbro’s most popular characters to join the site!  Hasbro and Mattel have been in an ongoing battle against each other for toy sales supremacy.  Hasbro has My Little Pony, Mattel has Barbie.  Hasbro has Transformers, Mattel has Hot Wheels, and so on.  But guess who is winning the toy battle right now, Hasbro!

Sales for the My Little Pony and Transformers toys have skyrocketed, thanks to the popular TV shows, movies, and the Hub Network.  And Geek Alabama is proud to be affiliated with Hasbro and Hub Network.  I love getting those PR e-mails and other e-mails from the company!  So this has me thinking, if Barbie has 4,500 followers on her LinkedIn profile, maybe it’s time for Hasbro to create some profiles of their most popular characters.  I would love to follow a Optimus Prime LinkedIn profile.

Optimus Prime

Or a Twilight Sparkle LinkedIn profile.

twilight sparkle

Or a Mr. Potato Head LinkedIn profile.

potato head

If Hasbro continues to make great TV shows and movies like we have seen with the Transformers, My Little Pony, Gi-Joe and other brands, Hasbro is going to continue to make a lot of money with their toy sales!  One way to raise their brands, and gain a lot of followers, is to create LinkedIn profiles for some of their biggest characters, get on it Hasbro!

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