Tag: Body image

Adults Worried About Body Image Should Watch This Video

Here is something to think about.  What do you think about your body image?  In this video from the YouTube channel JubileeProject, they asked everyone in the video one question.  If you could […]

Five Things That Should Be Required In Our Schools

So far, I have done posts talking about why dodgeball and corporal punishment should be banned from schools.  And both of those posts have gotten a lot of people talking.  So I […]

The Realistic Barbie Doll From Nickolay Lamm

I found this very interesting and worth sharing.  Many girls grew up playing with dolls like Barbie.  But do you notice how thin the Barbie doll is?  The average Barbie doll has […]

Mural Controversy in Atlanta

I can not believe this is really a controversial issue.  But a mural in a SE Atlanta neighborhood is slated to be painted over after residents complained about seeing a nude women in art.  The location […]

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