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Thomas And Friends Are Not Immune From The Alt-Right Mess

A preschool show is now a target in the so called culture wars some on the alt-right want us in I guess.  You see, a new character is coming to the show.  […]

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Barbie’s LinkedIn Profile, And Why Hasbro Needs To Create Some LinkedIn Profiles As Well

Well, well, well, guess who joined LinkedIn?  No it’s not a real person, it’s a toy.  Barbie from Mattel is now on the job networking site.  Her latest venture is Dream Incubator, […]

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The Realistic Barbie Doll From Nickolay Lamm

I found this very interesting and worth sharing.  Many girls grew up playing with dolls like Barbie.  But do you notice how thin the Barbie doll is?  The average Barbie doll has […]

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18 Days Left Until Christmas 2012

18 Days Left Until Christmas At the North Pole: Yes the elves at the North Pole do keep up with the news around the world.  One, there is the North Pole Christmas […]

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