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Animation Monday: Animated Movie Moms

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Mother’s Day was on Sunday, the day is to celebrate moms all over the world!  Last year on Geek Alabama, I did a post talking about the animated TV moms you see.  View that post here:

This year, I wanted to talk about some of the animated movie moms!  Surprising, there are not that many animated movies that feature cool mothers doing awesome things!  But I did find a few mothers to talk about.  Here is my list of the top six animated movie moms!

Helen Parr – Elastigirl

Helen-ParrHelen Parr otherwise known as Elastigril in The Incredibles was a superhero until she retired to raise two kids.  But when her husband gets back into the superhero game, she puts back on her superhero suit to help save the day.  She also teaches some great lessons to her kids and keeps them calm during a crisis.  I really like this mom!  By the way, will there ever be another The Incredibles movie?

Duchess the Cat – The Aristocats

pic_detail4c4c90910b9ffThis cat from the The Aristocats did a very good job raising her three kittens, Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse.  During their crisis when they were kidnapped and left abandoned in the countryside.  They meet Scat Cat and somehow gets back to Paris.  Duchess did a good job keeping her kittens together and calm.


Bambi’s Mom – Bambi

Bambi_049If this animated movie mom was human; she would easily win the parent of the year award.  She taught her newborn everything about life and she was a great mother.  Watching the movie can still choke you up after hearing that gunshot and knowing your mother will never come back.

Kanga Kangaroo – Winnie the Pooh

p7215Kanga did a very good job handling her baby Roo in the Winnie the Pooh movies. She was very tender to her child and she is what every child wants.  She’s sweet and loveable, but she also makes sure Roo is doing the right thing and giving him boundaries.  More mothers today should watch some Winnie the Pooh and learn from Kanga.

Queen Sarabi – The Lion King

queen_sarabi_by_saurielan-d640xsySarabi had to keep her composure during a major crisis at Pride Rock.  After giving birth to Simba, she was a great parent teaching Simba the ins and outs of being a lion cub.  She made sure Simba was protected and being watched from Zazu.  After Simba’s father, King Mufasa was killed, Sarabi had to keep her strength as the Pride Lands were being ruined and they were starving.  She raised Simba to be a great future king!

Queen Lillian – Shrek

char_38682This is my wildcard mother well because, at first she hated seeing her daughter being permanently turned into an ogre.  At first, Queen Lillian and King Harold tried to break up this couple but it didn’t work.  The mother should be proud of her daughter being a parent of three ogre kids.  Even though they are a different species.

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