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Inside The World’s Smallest Cycling Track


With the Noble Street Festival a week away here in Anniston Alabama.  I thought this video would serve as some inspiration to get you ready for all the cycling action that will be happening on Saturday April 20th!  Last March, filmmaker Michael Tapp went to a dilapidated church in Brooklyn, New York.  Inside this church is a cycling track.  This cycling track is the world’s smallest cycling track!  Called the Red Bull Mini Drome, this track is basically a condensed version of a velodrome.

With space being limited in New York City, the organizers put together something that many people are falling in love with!  In the video below, you will see how hard it is to stay on this small cycling track.  Enjoy the video!

And for the folks wondering about the Noble Street Festival, click on the link to learn more!  Here’s a video about the festival!

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