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The Evening Post: New Spirit of Anniston Director / The Next Viral YouTube Trend

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First off, I wanted to congratulate Dianna Michaels for becoming the new Executive Director of the Spirit of Anniston!  I know Dianna and she knows what I do here on Geek Alabama.  The mission of the Spirit of Anniston is “to stimulate thoughtful development using the National Main Street Four Point Approach of organization, promotion, economic restructuring and design.”  And I think Dianna will do her best to bring back Anniston and the downtown area!  I listened to her first interview today on WDNG-AM and she already has some great ideas to revitalize Anniston!

Learn more about the Spirit of Anniston at:

Since I did not want to bore you on The Evening Post, I included this video from the YouTube channel nigahiga.  This video has over 5 million views and it talks about what could be the next YouTube trend.  Some of the connections they made were very interesting!  Enjoy!