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We Lose Seeing The Blue Angels Grounded


I love seeing the Navy’s Blue Angels perform.  I have seen them several times as a kid and while in high school I got to meet several of the flyers up close at NAS Pensacola.  We got to go onto the airfield and watch them perform over the airfield!  Then we got to watch them depart their planes.  Meeting them in person is something everyone should do in their lives!  Sadly, the Blue Angels are going to be grounded for the rest of 2013.  Also the Air Force’s Thunderbirds will be grounded for the rest of 2013 as well.

The Blue Angels will only fly 11 hours per month to maintain proficiently and to keep pilots at a safe, efficient level.  When they do fly over NAS Pensacola, they will not fly in formation.  The 11 hours per month of flying time is the same amount allowed to Naval air forces on deployed aircraft carriers.  The Blue Angels will still do promotional events like visiting people and doing autograph sessions.  But any flying will be cut out for 2013.  For fans of the Blue Angels, you will have to enjoy these videos instead.

The cancellation of all air shows is going to have a severe economic impact in the Pensacola area.   Each year, the Pensacola Beach Air Show draws many tourists and pumps over $2 million into the economy.  Pensacola officials are meeting to see if they can find $1.2 million dollars so the Blue Angels can perform at the Pensacola Beach Air Show this Summer.  Other communities that had the Blue Angels scheduled are also trying to raise money so the Blue Angels can perform.   I hope the Blue Angels have the opportunity to perform at least one show during 2013.

So why are the Blue Angels grounded for 2013?  Congress and the President could not agree on a budget and sequestration took effect.  The military had a budget cut and they had to start cutting out things not essential to the U.S. Military.  In Anniston, hundreds of workers were laid off from the Anniston Army Depot.  And the military had to cut out all air shows to save money.  Something most geeks and nerds don’t get is why Congress, the President, and the people can’t agree on anything!  People fight and fight over all issues and people have lost the art of compromising.  Some people needs to get this, compromising is not a dirty thing.  I believe we all need to start compromising more!

The U.S. Navy Flight demonstration team, the B...

The Blue Angels, The Thunderbirds, and other flying acts are great recruitment tools for the U.S. Military.  Air shows not only have cool airplane shows.  They let the public tour and get up close to many unique airplanes.  Air shows are also great recruitment tools for kids and adults and they can inspire kids!  Sadly, opportunities for education and outreach are lost for 2013.  The kids lose an opportunity for hands-on discussions with Americans who are living their dreams.  These opportunities are incredibly important for inspiring our youth to pursue STEM careers such as engineering and science/technology research.

If you want to see the Blue Angels and The Thunderbirds flying in 2014, everyone has to get the courage to VOTE OUT all incumbent lawmakers at the next election.  People also needs to stop getting all of their news from one news source.  That’s why I love being a geek and nerd.  I get my news from multiple sources from the left and right every day!  Average people need to do that too!

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