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Roadscapes Wednesday: Classic Atlanta and Birmingham Road Scenes

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How about something classic for Roadscapes Wednesday this week.  I have found some images and videos showing some classic road scenes.  I think you are going to find these very interesting.  This first video shows the Atlanta street scene in 1987.  Back then the Downtown Connector and area interstates were undergoing a major expansion to what you see today.

Here is a second video showing Atlanta area streets in 1991.

For comparison; here is what the Downtown Connector looks like today!

In the Birmingham Metro, there is an intersection believed to be the oldest interchange in Alabama.  The interchange of U.S. 31 at Lakeshore Drive or AL-147 has a very old bridge and tight cloverleafs.  This is one old intercha

31-Lakeshore_40s1509DBV-LakeshoreAtUS31lakeshore_overpassHow about this 1969 photo showing Malfunction Junction.  The confluence of I-20, I-59, and I-65

mal_jct_69Here is a very old photo I found online showing former Alabama Governor George Wallace looking at a sign saying the people of Alabama built this highway under the administration of Governor Wallace.


Here’s an image showing Alabama’s first 4-lane highway, the Bessemer Super Highway.


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