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R.I.P. Google Reader; Ending July 1st


Sad news in the internet world.  Google Reader is closing down on July 1st.  Google made this announcement when it announced its programs it will end during their Spring cleaning.  Google Reader was started in 2005 by Jason Shellen in an effort to make it easy for people to discover and keep tabs on their favorite websites.  But Google says usage has decreased over the years and that is the reason it’s ending Reader.

Many people on the internet have not taken this news lightly!  Google confirmed they are   killing Reader so they can concentrate on Google +.  Or so what this article says:…  There is even a petition on the internet to demand Google to keep Google Reader.  Do you think this is even going to work? and

Goodbye Google Reader, we will miss you!  The RSS service Feedly is planning to launch a clone of Google Reader very soon.  But the community feature will not be included.  You can learn more about this here:

All Google Reader users will need to find an alternative to use.  This video shows you how to export and seven alternatives.

And here are some links from other websites showing you alternatives to Google Reader.

And yes, someone had to make a video from that viral Hitler clip!

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  1. I agree , why would Google drop this ? I use every day to cover / follow a lot of media. Do they want to end the protocol ? I will not be forced on to google+ . Its ridiculous to end this, their job (well it used to be, now Android major part of business) is to read the internet ! We must campaign for google reader to stay … not logical . We could campaign for people to turn to Bling …

  2. Lots of people are not happy about this. I do think if Google Reader is shut down, many people will quit using Google products. This could benefit Apple, Firefox, and others.