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Remembering The Blizzard of 1993


20 years ago today the massive Blizzard of 1993 or The Storm of the Century dumped 12-24 inches of snow all across Alabama, North Georgia, and all along the Eastern Seaboard.  Many people were warned about the upcoming storm but no one was prepared for the strength of this storm!  After the snow started falling it became heavier and the wind howled!  Many people lost power and all of us experienced thundersnow.  By the time it was over on Saturday, many people had lots of snow.  Here is the official snowfall totals from the blizzard.


I was around back in 1993 living in Dadeville, AL.  The area got around 4-6 inches of snow.  And being a young kid, I thought this was a happy moment!  The area never lost power and I had a great time playing in the snow!  Of course, I was unaware of the people suffering in North Alabama since I was a young kid.  And we even had to go back to school on Monday!  For people who can’t believe that everything shuts down when it snows in Alabama.  It does!  Alabama does not have the equipment to handle heavy snow and many trees break easily causing power outages.  People in Alabama are not used to this kind of snow!  I wanted to share some of the best videos I have found from people online!  Let’s hope we never see something like this again!

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