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The Blizzard of 2013 Pictures/Videos


The Northeast Blizzard of 2013 or what The Weather Channel calls it, Winter Storm Nemo, is now over!  Massive amounts of snow fell in the New England states.  Just check out this snow total graphic.


Check out some of the best photos I have found from this blizzard.  Some of the pictures includes snow covering doorways, cars stranded by the snow, and pictures showing what 2-3 feet of snow looks like.  Even snowplows got stuck!5989_10151422116259936_1226968948_n 222608_10151469427180266_615626370_n 282603_261048410693832_1250646776_n 395771_10151501183929874_1596780852_n 427186_451655468238912_2054356052_n 529468_512383668805224_644636172_n 531765_519434664746126_1163704613_n 538348_529464357094388_831481122_n 566401_10151421012334936_1290192883_n BCq6RRFCcAAlrQg BCqayFHCEAAuy4S BCrGOUgCIAEkJXA proxy (2)

proxyHere are some of the best videos I have found from the blizzard of 2013.  One shows some thundersnow while the rest shows awesome time-lapses of the snowstorm.

Before I go; some people have found a new use for all that snow.  Beer anyone?


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