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Animation Monday: 2013 Oscar Animated Categories

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Who watched the Oscars last night?  Before I dive into the animated short film and animated feature categories.  I wanted to talk about the host of the Oscars, Seth MacFarlane.

I liked how William Shatner was in character as Captain Kirk trying to save the Oscars at the beginning.  I loved all the musical bits during the Oscars; it was expected as MacFarlane loves his musicals!  One of my favorites was “We Saw Your Boobs.”  Yes, there has been plenty of nude women in the movies.  The epic kiss with Best Supporting Actress nominee Sally Field with MacFarlane dressed as a flying nun, and a sock puppet reenactment of Flight was funny!

You knew this would happen.  The teddy bear Ted who was created and voiced by Seth MacFarlane did make a appearance during the Oscars.  An odd moment was when MacFarlane announced the Von Trapp family would be singing a song from The Sound of Music.  He motioned toward the door twice, but they never appeared.  Then a Nazi came running in to announce they were gone.  This was a scene re-enactment from a musical.  I thought Seth MacFarlane did a good job being the Oscars host!  It was different from what you are used to seeing in an Oscar host.


Now on to the animation!  The five nominated animated short films were interesting; for the ones I got to see.  You see the problem is this; most people never gets to see all the short films because most theaters never show them.  A couple of the short films are bundled with a bigger movie.  But this does not happen with every movie.  This year; most of the studios made their short films available on YouTube.  But the chief executive of Shorts International complained that continued streaming would cause “significant, if not irreparable damage” to their current theatrical release.  So the studios pulled the short films off the internet.

I could easily talk about them in detail and post the video on here like I always do.  But because some people likes to be greedy, most people will never be able to see these animated short films.  Sure, you might be able to find an illegal upload by someone online.  But I will briefly talk about the five nominated short films.

The Longest Daycare


I did see this!  I enjoyed the story of seeing Maggie Simpson in daycare.  Glad she got to save the butterfly!

Fresh Guacamole


This film is about a man making guacamole out of obscure objects and whenever he cuts into it becomes something else.  Have not seen it!

Adam and Dog


This is a retelling of Adam and Eve’s story from a Dog’s point of view.  Sadly I have not seen this yet.

Head Over Heels


This film is about Walter and Madge trying to put their marriage back together.  Sadly I have not seen this film.

Paperman – (Oscar Winner!)


I have seen this film.  And I enjoyed the paper airplanes and the love story.  This film won the short animated film Oscar!

Now on to the animated feature Oscar.  Three out of the five films were made by Disney.  So most people knew that Disney would be winning an Oscar here!  I was not surprised to see Brave win the Oscar.  But I really wanted Frankenweenie to win!



This movie was a stop-motion film that was shot in a 3D color printer to create character faces.  This movie is your run in the mill haunted movie for the entire family.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits!


The animation was done in the stop-motion clay version.  I did not see this film so I really can not judge this movie.

Wreck-It Ralph


I saw this movie and enjoyed it!  If you are a geek or nerd you had to enjoy all the video game references in this movie!



I have not seen this movie yet but I am planning too!  The entire movie is in black and white and done in the stop-motion style.

Brave – (Oscar Winner!)


Disney and Pixar gets another Oscar!  The Brave movie was done very well and it showed the viewers to believe in yourself!

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