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Video Roundup: Valentine’s, Zombies, Plane Crashes

Geek Alabama Video Roundup

It’s time for Video Roundup.  My top 10 videos of the week!

Valentine’s Day Proposal Prank

Way too many people getting excited!

A Defense of Comic Sans

Don’t hate this font!

Backflip Avalanche

Glad this skier escaped!

Our Wedding Song

What sweet couples!

When the Zombie Apocalypse Occurs in Canada

Canadian politicians talking about zombies!

Bread and Milk Freakout

Vic DiBitetto was funny!

Crazy Flying Snowball Prank

They were just balloons!

Helicopter Crash Caught on Camera

No one was hurt!

Street Artist Playing Hallelujah With Glasses

Great talent!

Utah Plane Crash Caught on Video

No one was seriously hurt!


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